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This is what real people are saying about Molanis Strategy Builder (a visual, codeless tool to create expert advisors for MT4 - the best Expert Advisor Builder)


  • I have been trading Forex for only 4 months and find your product very useful. It's a great tool for me as I don't program and don't have the skill sets for it. But with your product [Molanis Strategy Builder] I can achieve my goals without spending hours of time getting no where. Thanks for your product. It's WORKS and that is what really matter in the end.


  • Molanis Strategy Builder is a great thing!!! Very usefull for beginners in programming!!!


  • MSB is really a very helpful tool to quickly evaluate a strategy without having to code a single line.


  • MSB is a new concept for programming EAs. You only need to click, drag and drop. It's easy and the important thing is I don't need to learn MQL syntax or programming.


  • Great compliment for this new program!!! This stuff really rocks Metatrader 4. I think even for the qualified programmers a system like this can make building strategies so much easier.


  • I would like to thank the creator of Molanis for the great work.  Molanis Strategy Builder will be very useful for all the traders who do not know how to code, and also for those who want to save a lot of time.

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  • Thanks for a program that looks great and will certainly help traders out.

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  • This [Molanis Strategy Builder] is freaking awesome!!!

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