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Please note that all the features of the Forex Signals Wizard are included in Molanis Strategy Builder. The Forex Signals Wizard was retired as a product since users can use the Strategy Builder to build their own forex signals and alerts.

You can use the Molanis Strategy Builder as a Forex Signals Wizard for MetaTrader. The Strategy Builder provides an easy to use, highly intuitive visual environment that let you design forex signals in minutes. The click, drag and drop approach of Molanis empowers you since no coding, programming or MQL knowledge is required.

A forex signal is an alert of changes in the market. It can be as simple as a visual alert that lets you know when there is a moving average crossover, or as complex as the result of several conditions created with MetaTrader standard indicators or your own custom indicators.

Features and Benefits of the alerts or signals created with the Strategy Builder

  • Powerful visual interface
  • Empowers you to create Forex Signals in minutes
  • You can use any MT4 standard indicator and well written custom indicators to create your own forex signals
  • Allows signals from multiple currencies and multiple timeframes
  • Generates expert advisors that show signals / display alerts in the MetaTrader terminal, and send emails
  • Alerts can use sounds
  • Can use the Time filter feature to send the signal during a user defined schedule (From hour a to hour b)

With the Strategy Builder you have two options to use alerts:


1)    If you want your EAs to show alerts and stop trading, in the START icon set the option Execution Type to Alert.


2)    If you want your EAs to trade and/or show alerts you can use the Alert icon.

The Alert icon can be used to create your own custom alerts. It manages several options to show the alerts:

  • MT4 alerts
  • Print alert to logs
  • Print alert to the charts
  • Send emails.

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