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Expert Advisor Visual Wizard for MetaTrader 5 provides a visual environment for the design of expert advisors and forex signals. No coding, programming or MQL 5 knowledge is required. The visual approach eliminates the need to write MQL 5 code. Trading diagrams are analyzed automatically by Molanis' MQL 5 code generator that transforms them into expert advisors.

Expert Advisor Builder for MT5

Features and Benefits

  • Create expert advisors in MQL5 without writing any code
  • Use technical analysis to create your trading rules (or trading conditions):
    -You can use any indicator that comes with the MetaTrader 5 installation to create your EA
    -Or you can use any well written custom indicator for MT5 to create your EAs
  • Money Management: Lot size can be set using a maximum percentage at risk per trade
    Lot management reduces the lot size after one or more consecutive losses. The reduction factor depends on a fix percentage (25% steps) or a equation
  • Create multi-time frame, multi-currency EAs
  • MetaTrader 5 variables for stops and limits are created automatically to be used to test, optimize, and backtest your expert advisor
  • EA can trade using bars or ticks
  • 4 and 5 digits management
  • Trading strategies can be transformed in forex signals with a single click
  • Forex signals show alerts in the screen with sounds or send emails
  • Time filter option to make sure your Expert Advisor trades during certain hours
  • ECN and Boston Technologies compatible: EAs can be setup to send the opening order first and then the stops which is required by ECNs.
  • Gives you control on the maximum open volume per currency pair
  • Error management: EAs retry order execution when server errors are detected

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