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If you have an existing EA and want it to show signals instead of trading, follow these steps:


Step 1

Set up the START block for signals and not for trading

start blockClick on the START block and change the Execution Type to Alert


Step 2

Generate the EA and attach it to a chart.



If you want to use the Alert icon to create an EA that gives you alerts follow these steps:


Step 1

Create a trading diagram (a graphical representation of the conditions that will be evaluated to get your forex signal). In short: Use one or several blocks to create technical analysis conditions. Use the blocks AND and OR to create complex conditions that combine several blocks. Connect them to the Alert icon. Some EA Examples can be found in the EA examples page.

Step 2

Set up the alert parameters :

start blockClick on the ALERT block and set up the signal options.


Step 3

Generate the Expert Advisor.


Step 4

Attach the EA to a graph in MT4 and adjust the EA inputs if needed.



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