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Note: We are moving to web based documentation so the pdf user guide that comes with the product does not include instructions on how to use these new features.

  • What’s new in version 3.15 (Jun 14, 2010)

The following features have been released in mode:

Using MT4 standard indicators and custom indicators in the Indicator calculation
Now you can use MT4 standard indicators and your own custom indicators in the Indicator Calculation. Just click on the INDICATORS button, select the indicator parameters and hit OK. This means more powerful calculations. Since you will be looking at the indicator MQL code, use the MetaTrader Indicator Quick Reference if needed.


Use MT4 indicators

Advanced Feature
If you are a coder and need more flexibility, click on the ADVANCED button to gain control of the calculation editor. This feature allows you to use the keyboard and MT4 commands so you can write your own indicator calculation. Just a reminder, the calculation is computed for a bar using “i” for bar identification. This feature is only recommended for MQL coders.

Test Equations
To make sure your calculation is correct; the TEST EQUATION button was introduced in version 3.15. Just click it and the custom indicator calculation will be evaluated.


Test MT4 Indicator calculation

Improvement on integration with Molanis Strategy Builder
Making life easier, the generated code includes the modes you need to use when integrating your custom indicator with Molanis Strategy Builder to create the best expert advisors for MetaTrader


MT4 Indicator Modes



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