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Analyze your ea backtest is the first step to improve your expert advisor performance. The Expert Advisor Backtest Analyzer for MT4 is a tool to get better insight from you backtesting. It will help you giving you all the info you need to take your ea to the next level.


MT4 gives you a backtesting report, the EA Backtest Analyzer takes that report and gives users a better view (and better reports) of the ea backtesting.


Follow a simple 1,2,3 process to gain more knowledge from your ea:
1. Backtest your ea in MetaTrader 4
2. In MT4, save your ea backtest as an HTML Strategy Report
3. Open the HTML Strategy Report with the Expert Advisor Backtest Analyzer and be surprised with all the complete info you will find about your ea.


EA Analyzer load report


Main Reports

The Expert Advisor Backtest Analyzer generates several reports including:

-Performance charts.  Color coded interactive charts give users a different perspective of profitability.


EA Analyzer Profit


-Trades.  This set of reports answer to questions like Are my trades being closed because TP or SL are hit? The ea profitability comes from my long or my short positions? How does a histogram of the ea performance looks like?


EA Analyzer Trades


-Money Management and Risk.  Helps you to understand risk exposure and contrast it with profitability


EA Analyzer Money Management


-Time. Gives you results by session, by hour, by week, by month. It is the perfect way to understand when to trade to be more profitable.


EA Analyzer Time

-Monthly Performance. A quick look of your gains by month


EA Analyzer Performance


-Analysis (Scenario Builder). The most important feature of the Expert Advisor Backtest Analyzer is the Analysis tab which can be used to create "what if" scenarios so you can get answers to questions like :
what if I only trade on Mondays, or on X or Y day ?
what if I only trade x hours?
what if I use a fixed lot?
how does the EA performace change if I remove the best trades?
what is my performance if I only trade x session?


EA Analyzer Analysis

-HTML Reports. At any moment you can get a summarized version of the analysis in HTML format for distribution


EA Analyzer HTML Report


The Expert Advisor Backtest Analyzer Beta 1.1. has been released! Get it now!

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